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Mallinda Makes Better Plastic

The name "Mallinda" is a Mashup of the words "malleable" and "industries".

Mallinda has created a paradigm shift in polymer science by creating a new class of malleable polymers. Pliashell, our intrinsically-recyclable hard (thermoset) plastic can be molded, and even reshaped, at relatively mild temperatures. Like other thermoset plastics, Pliashell is a cross-linked polymer network. However, unlike traditional thermosets, Pliashell can be remolded, welded, repaired, and even fully recycled post-cure.

Mallinda is leveraging the unique attributes of Pliashell to enable the efficient manufacture of fully recyclable, advanced composite materials. Thus far, our material is the only malleable self-healing thermoset plastic to have several value-added properties.

Recylable Advanced Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites

Mallinda has developed a completely closed loop system for the recovery of both polymer and carbon fiber from CFRC end-of-life products and scrap materials. Our patent-pending recycling process takes advantage of the reversible chemistry of Pliashell material, and generates no excess waste, and uses almost no energy. Both the recovered carbon fiber and the recovered Pliashell resin can be reused to make fresh composite materials. No longer will CFRCs end up in landfills.

Low Processing Temperatures & Range of Mechanical Properties

Mallinda’s plastic can be formulated to have a low molding temperature range. Our plastic can be molded at temperatures as low as ~50 ̊F and as high as ~300 ̊F, depending on formulation. This range is well below the 400 ̊F–600 ̊F threshold of current plastic technologies. This will reduce the overall cost of the manufacturing process. This feature also has the benefit of allowing end-users to custom mold our plastic, or composites derived therefrom, to suit the end user’s needs without the use of expensive and massive industrial equipment.

In addition, Mallinda's material can be formulated to have a range of mechanical properties - from elastomeric to crystalline.

Short Cycle Times & Repairability

Due to Pliashell’s malleable nature, fully cured composite sheets can be perfectly welded together in less than 1 minute.  This means that Mallinda’s composites can be substituted for prepreg sheet, but can be stored at room temperature (or higher) indefinitely, and do not require a curing step.  Only heat and pressure are required to mold the cured sheets into shape, and similarly, heat and pressure treatment can heal or repair damage (such as impact damage) in the material.


Mallinda’s Pliashell resin may be recycled many times over. The plastic may be ground into a powder and reformed into new shapes with pressure or low heat. This both increases the input lifetime vis-a-vis recycling and reduces the energy required during repurposing.

In addition, Mallinda's ability to implement solid state thermoforming could revolutionize production of powder-based composite materials.

Environmentally Friendly Synthesis

No heavy metal catalysts are used in making our plastic. The only organic solvent involved during synthesis is ethanol. And the only byproduct in the chemical production is water.

What does this mean?

It means that we have created one of the most user-friendly plastic materials to date.